Ceiling leaks are often small at first, giving you a chance to diagnose the problem and fix the ceiling before it causes major damage. In catastrophic situations, the damage to your ceiling can be severe and even put it at risk of collapsing. If your ceiling is bulging or if you hear it straining, there’s a danger. It is best to call a professional and have the area cleared.

You can fix your ceiling leak yourself if your ceiling does not seem to be at risk. Here’s how.

Catch the Water

Furniture and flooring can be damaged by a leaking ceiling. Furniture and other items should be moved away from the area under the leak. Catch the water that is leaking through your ceiling by placing towels on top of a large bowl or gallon bucket. If the water comes from several places, you can call it a leak. You will need to empty your buckets and bowls on a regular basis, depending on how much water is flowing.

Control the Water Flow

You should not use water in the area until the plumbing issue has been resolved. You can drain the water lines if you’re not able to pinpoint the exact source of the leak and you have a large water flow.

Weather is a factor in a roof leak, and that’s harder to control. Use a screwdriver or other sharp tool to make a hole on the ceiling if water appears to be leaking in multiple places, or pooling. The water will then flow from one point rather than spread out, which could cause more damage.

Fix the Source of the Leak

If you’re lucky, the source of a leak will be obvious. For example, if there is a hole in your roof or damage done to the caulk used to seal the bathtub. You may be able to fix the leak if you can pinpoint the source and you have access to it.

You can narrow down your options if you’re unable to identify the source. Assess whether the problem is interior (like plumbing), or exterior (like roofing). Start with the simplest repairs. For example, reapplying the caulk around the shower or bathtub or cleaning the gutters.

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